International Bioindustrial Sciences Course

    International Bioindustrial Sciences Course

    Develop internationally competitive human resources over multi-disciplinary practices with legal, regulatory, social and ethical aspects as well as science and technology components for bioindustry promotion.  Successful candidates are expected to work in various sectors such as private sector, international agencies and public-civil organizations.  This course requires some additional class enrollment accordingly to individualized needs and internships outside the university.  This course is connected to MS Course in Biodiplomacy and, application is encouraged to individuals with relevant experiences and / or knowledge on the subjects on political economic, social and technological (PEST) issues on science and technology.  Applicants must choose the advisors from the list on the Course and must contact prior to the application.  This is essential for the sub-committee of the Corse to confirm the appropriateness of the applicants.


    University of Tsukuba
    The Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences
    Doctoral Program of Bioindustrial Sciences

    1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8577 Japan
    (Institutes of Biological and Agricultural Sciences=I8)